Frank Donahue and Bill Maschal met for the first time at St. Williams Catholic Church in Round Rock in 1977, where they assisted in forming a "folk choir." The original choir consisted of only six members and Frank played the only instrument, a guitar. He had recently moved to Round Rock from Pennsylvania to become a professor at the University of Texas. Bill had just returned from Colorado where he had spent four years as Assistant District Attorney after graduating from the UT Law School.

In 1977, Ed Walsh, a Round Rock High School grad and also a UT Law School grad, was elected the District Attorney of Williamson County, an office he would hold until 1985. Ed played the guitar and mandolin as a hobby. At the same time, John Duer was serving in the Air Force in West Berlin.  He would later return to Texas and graduate from the University of Texas Law School.  He served as an Assistant County Attorney in Williamson County and Brazos County before returning to Georgetown to start his own law practice.

Twenty-five years later, the paths of these four individuals intersected in Round Rock when they came together to sing and play for fun and relaxation. The emphasis was on "folk music" (for the lack of a better term) of the 1960's. After meeting and playing on a weekly basis for about six months, the band had the opportunity to perform at several functions during the last holiday season including the Temple city employee's Christmas party and two events at Seton Medial Center. It was then the band decided to commit primarily to performing at functions sponsored by charitable organizations, playing next at the Williamson County Children's Coalition Annual Valentine's Dinner, a major fundraiser.

Needing a name, the band selected "Forty Years Later", a reference to such songs they play as "500 Miles", "In the Early Morning Rain", "MTA", "Chilly Winds", and "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" from the early1960's. "Forty Years Later" is looking for additional opportunities to perform for charitable groups or for private functions and has just completed a "demo" CD containing eight songs.

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